About Us


Maria Ashiana, is an organization dedicated to saving vulnerable street children from the ravaging effects of substance abuse. For many of these children Maria Ashiana has opened up new horizons and secured for them a new lease of life.

Blessed on 8th December, 2004 and, finally, inaugurated on 27th February, 2005, Maria Ashiana works in collaboration with the Asha Foundation, Switzerland.

Maria Ashiana’s approach has evolved with time. Based on Father Barnabe’s experience since 1982, it now offers a comprehensive five-step programme, starting with outreach and concluding with definitive rehabilitation.

The programme is implemented in the following phases:

  1. Phase 1- Street contact and preparation over a period of one year at Mumbai and Pune
  2. Phase 2- Medical detoxification over a period of one year at Shraddha Hospital,
    Old Khandala  (before and after medical treatment).
  3. Phase 3- Therapeutic Living for a year at Maria Ashiana, Tungarli.
  4. Phase 4- Training for a year at Lonavala, Pune, Betul, Mumbai etc.
  5. Phase 5- Home placement/ Repatriation – round the year at Maria Ashiana, Lonavala.

Over the last decade, Maria Ashiana has rescued many street children from substance abuse. These young people now have a direction in life, and a means of earning their living, thanks to our employment and skill oriented rehabilitation programmes.

As we dedicate ourselves to the cause of rescuing and rehabilitating street children across our vast country, we at Maria Ashiana are forever inspired by the noble principles set forth by Don Bosco when he founded the Salesian Society.

If you share our spirit of service and would like to extend a hand, feel free to help us in any way you can. There are thousands of children in our country who need you.